There is something about riding that sticks with you forever. Unlike a lot of sports or activities, you can ride a bike as long as you can stand up. It takes you places. It keeps you happy and fit. It's a lifestyle enhancer that when I became a parent, I wanted to share with my children.

Farrier began 6 years ago when my oldest was 8. He was always wanting to go faster and farther than his BMX bike could take him. Even his little mountain bike, while it had gears, still would result in frustrated excursions as he struggled to keep up and I struggled to go slower on my road bike. It wasn't all that fun for either of us.

I was determined to get him a road bike. The team here is not new to bikes. We have this other effort and I thought finding a bike would be easy. It was not. Bikes were either too expensive or such poor quality that I didn't feel they were worth the money.

So I designed my own. I spec'd it like I would want it and worked to keep the cost down. These were truly a labor of love. Finally my son could go on rides ranging from 20, 30, 40 miles with no wailing or complaining. The bike wasn't holding him back and what he was left with was the joy I was hoping to share. Now 14 and taller than me, he still rides and the times he's out all day with his buddies riding he returns with a passion and excitement that goes back 6 years ago when he rode the first prototype. 

The bikes are rad. Light, fast, and spec'd for the long run. There are adult bikes which are not as nice that cost more.

They have been ridden. They have been raced and most important, the kids that helped develop these bikes had fun. 

Based in Fort Collins CO, I wanted a name the felt connected to the place we live. We named the bikes after a profession that takes care of horses and a Stayer is a horse that excels at long distances. This felt appropriate. In the early West, a horse was everything; transport, worker and friend. Easy for me to see the modern day equivalent in the bicycle.  

It's my hope that Farrier can help instill the same passion and interest in the bike for your children.